Texas EBT Deposit Dates for 2022

If you reside in Texas and want to know when your food stamps and cash assistance payment will be transferred onto your Lone Star Card EBT account, you’ve reached the correct place.

Food Stamp Deposit Schedule in Texas

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will issue customers an electronic benefit transfer card through USPS as soon as your application for Texas benefits has been accepted. You can acquire your periodic food stamp benefits using a debit-like card, the Texas EBT Card. You can shop for food and other permitted foods at marketplaces and retailers with your Texas SNAP EBT Card. In addition, Texas EBT Cards could also be used to make online grocery purchases as of 2020. In Texas, benefits from food stamps are placed on EBT cards between the first and fifteenth of each month.

Texas EBT Deposit Dates for 2022

Depending on the last digits of your EDG Number, different dates apply for your Texas EBT deposit. If you can’t remember your EDG Number, it can be found on your Texas SNAP Acceptance Letter that you got in the mailbox or by entering it into your Texas Benefits account online. Please contact your Texas HHS caseworker if you still don’t have your Texas EDG number.

If the Last digit of your EDG Number isBenefits are deposited on the
01st of the month
13rd of the month
25th of the month
36th of the month
47th of the month
59th of the month
611th of the month
712th of the month
813th of the month
915th of the month

What time will my Texas EBT Benefits Be Deposited?

Texas food stamps are automatically transferred into your EBT account every month on your specified deposit date. If somehow the reward is for the current month or the previous month, it becomes accessible the day after it is recorded into the system. Your benefits have ended if they are not put into your account by midday on the business day following your scheduled date.

There might have been a reason your Texas food assistance deposit did not appear on your EBT card this month.

There seem to be three reasons you could not have gotten your monthly SNAP EBT transfer.

3 Reasons You Didn’t Receive your Food Stamps

You might not have gotten your Texas SNAP payments this month for the following reasons:

Reason #1: You didn’t Renew your Benefits

Failure to timely refresh your benefits or submit renewal papers could be the first factor.

Even before the completion of your certification period, you must submit this recertification application and go through an assessment to continue receiving SNAP benefits.

Reason #2 – You didn’t meet the Work Requirements

The primary issue might be because you are considered an ABAWD or Able-Bodied Adult without Beneficiaries.

According to Texas HHS, unless people meet certain staffing needs, the food stamps program only permits you to obtain SNAP benefits for three months every three years.

Your 3-month window may have passed if you meet the requirements of an able-bodied adult, are single, without kids or relatives that do not have employment.

Reason #3 – You have been flagged for Fraud

The third explanation could be that your Texas SNAP EBT account has had its food stamp benefits suspended due to fraudulent suspicions. Please contact your neighborhood HHS office if you believe your Texas SNAP membership has been reported for food stamp fraud.