What Is The Texas EBT Phone Number?

You can call the EBT helpdesk (also called the Lone Star Card assistance) if you need assistance with yourtexasbenefits. The number you might well have originally called to apply for food stamps will be different from this one, which is specific to Texas Health and Human Services.

What Is The Texas EBT Number?

The 800.777.7393 number is for food stamps. You can contact an EBT customer service agent who can assist you with problems relating to your EBT/Lone Star card by calling this number.

Typically, you might only call 800.777.7393 if you really have an EBT card and have already received Texas food stamp approval. Call 877.541.7905 to apply for food stamps in Texas if you haven’t already been accepted.

What Can The Texas EBT Customer Service Number Help You With?

The following EBT card-related difficulties can be resolved by calling the 800.777.7393 EBT card phone number:

  • Give us a call to request a replacement EBT/Lone Star Card if yours has been damaged or destroyed. You will normally receive a new EBT food stamp card in the mail after 7 days.
  • By dialing the food stamp 1800 number, you could check your balance.
  • You can find out more about your past transactions and purchases involving food stamps at the Lone Start helpdesk.
  • Discover out about Texas P-advantages. EBT’s

What Number Should You Dial in Texas to Apply for Food Stamps?

You could apply for assistance if you really do not currently have food stamps by calling the Texas Health and Human Services number at 877.541.7905. Anyone can register for Medicaid, CHIP, WIC, TANF, and other government assistance in addition to SNAP.

What Phone Number Does Texas P EBT Have?

  • To contact a support person with the epidemic electronic benefits program in Texas, call 833.442.1255.
  • Each qualified child will receive a one-time payment of $375 from the summer P EBT food stamp stipend. Generally speaking, in order to be eligible for this Texas food stamp program, you must either:
  • Have a child in kindergarten through 12th grade who is eligible for food at a reduced cost through the Free Lunch Program or…
  • You have children living in your home and are a SNAP-eligible household.

What Are The Differences Between The Texas Food Stamp Numbers Of 800.777.7393 And 877.541.7905?

After applying for food stamps, having your application approved, and receiving your EBT card, you should call the 800.777.7393 number. At this number, your benefits are managed. Call 877.541.7905 if you need assistance with a food stamp application. Both of these numbers are associated with Texas food stamps, but only one is used to administer your benefits; the other one is often used to enroll for assistance.